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Unlock the Potential of Loyalty with Catchit Loyalty.

Our strategic solutions and extensive experience, are designed to grow brand loyalty and engagement, driving profitable results for your business.

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Loyalty Program Solutions

Unlock profitable loyalty with Catchit Loyalty. Our strategic solutions drive brand loyalty, engagement, and profitable results for airlines, hotels, retail, and financial services. From strategy to program management, we offer unmatched expertise in co-brand credit cards, partnerships, insights, and more. Maximize loyalty program effectiveness and boost profitability. Contact us today to unleash the full potential of your loyalty program.


Loyalty Strategy

Our experienced team specializes in developing highly effective strategies that seamlessly align with the customer experience, ultimately driving increased engagement and retention rates. We ensure that your accrual, redemption, elite status, and promotional strategies are effective, and your commercial agreements are positioned for success.


Loyalty Program Design

With experience in managing and designing programs for some of the world’s most iconic brands, we design highly effective and customer-centric loyalty programs that drive profitability and sustainability for your business. We ensure the perfect blend of engaging features, economic viability, and commercial success.


Loyalty Program Management

Our team is experienced in expertly running and managing some of the world’s most iconic loyalty programs. We can provide full or assisted program management, augment your team on a statement of work or retainer basis, and provide independent unbiased support and advice in implementing platform solutions.



We specialize in all aspects of profitable co-brand credit card relationships, as well as payments and rewards. From strategic management of Issuers and Networks, to industry-leading value propositions.


Loyalty Program Health Check

We specialize in audits, program reviews, and health checks to maximize your loyalty program’s effectiveness. We unlock and boost profitability through growth strategies.


Loyalty Finance & Accounting

Unmatched global expertise in loyalty program financials, ensuring full compliance with IFRS and GAAP standards.


Customer Journey & Engagement

Acquire new members, seamlessly onboard them, implement effective promotional strategies, and win back valuable customers. Our approach leverages established principles and mechanics to incentivize profitable behavior, fostering lasting loyalty and driving business growth.


Data, Analytics & Insights

We help you unlock customer loyalty through your data. Analytics and insights inform strategic decision-making, driving engagement and profitable customer behavior.



Our team brings vast experience in partnership strategy, negotiations, and management. This ranges from bilateral airline FFP agreements and internal transfer pricing to exploring new revenue partners and opportunities.

“The real currency of any loyalty program lies in its ability to drive changes in consumer behavior”



Welcome to Catchit Loyalty, where retail, airline & hotel loyalty is our specialty. Let us guide you to success with our unparalleled expertise in loyalty strategy, program design, and management. With a keen focus on financial insights, member engagement, and independent advice, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of your loyalty program. Unlock exciting innovation opportunities and tap into our global network of industry experts to take your program to new heights. Join us today and embrace the power of Catchit Loyalty to achieve your goals.

David Feldman - Loyalty Summit London - Catchit Loyalty
David Feldman

David Feldman

Founder & Managing Partner

With over 15 years of experience in the retail, airline and hotel loyalty industry, David is a globally recognized leader and sought-after speaker on CRM & loyalty program design, strategy, finances, and economics.

David’s mission is to help clients align their commercial goals with their customer experience, leveraging his deep knowledge and understanding of loyalty psychology and the behavioral motivation necessary to drive higher revenue through increased member acquisition, retention, loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.

He has successfully designed loyalty programs from the ground up and delivered structural program reforms, rebranding initiatives, and growth strategies for major programs, and is Chair of Loyalty Summit, a global event that brings together high-powered industry executives and influential loyalty leaders.

Global Reach

Unlock the Power of our Global Network for your Loyalty Program

New World Loyalty - a Catchit Loyalty LLC partner

Catchit Loyalty Partner

New World Loyalty

With a global team of experts, New World Loyalty is uniquely placed to provide expert, independent advice that spans all aspects of loyalty and partnership marketing, gained from working with the world’s leading brands.

Ascendant Loyalty Marketing - a Catchit Loyalty, LLC partner

Catchit Loyalty Partner

Ascendant Loyalty

Ascendant Loyalty delivers worldwide expertise in customer-centric strategic assessment, program strategy, design, operating model, evaluation/implementation of marketing technology solutions, and program management.

Kyros Insights - a Catchit Loyalty LLC partner

Catchit Loyalty Partner


KYROS is a specialty actuarial firm that solely focuses on loyalty programs. The team is made up of highly specialized actuaries who have spent the last decade solving problems for many of the world’s largest programs.

Unlock Our Expertise For Your Loyalty Program

David is a leading expert in the travel industry with an unparalleled understanding of loyalty strategy and execution and what it takes to make a loyalty program a success. 

Gregory Giordano

Sr. Card Services Advisor, AAA

David has one of the sharpest minds in loyalty. He has a great perspective on the challenges, opportunities, the important topics and how to take the right advantage from it all. A true all round expert with bags of experience in hospitality especially. If you get the opportunity to work with him then grab it.

Nik Laming

Founder & CEO, ConnectOS

David is an outstanding commercial leader and an expert loyalty professional. He also is a great communicator and storyteller who can bring to life in a unique way complicated concepts and ideas. Above all he is a great guy with brilliant interpersonal skills.

Alan Lias

Fmr Vice President Customer Loyalty, Virgin Atlantic

David is an exceptional loyalty expert. His hunger for knowledge is probably the best in the industry – always looking to learn and understand and then always happy to share that knowledge with others. David’s energy is infectious, if you get the chance to work with David, grab it!

Phil Gunter

Fmr General Manager Loyalty, Virgin Australia

David is a one of the most knowledgeable people in the travel space I know. He has an intuitive understanding of what makes frequent flyers loyal. A dedicated and valuable strategic resource.

Mark Ross-Smith

CEO, Loyalty Status Co / StatusMatch

Loyalty Insights

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The Psychology of Loyalty Programs



The Psychology of Loyalty Programs

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Are you ready to take your loyalty program to the next level?

Catchit Loyalty Logo White

Unlock the Potential of Loyalty with Catchit Loyalty.
Our strategic solutions and extensive experience, are designed to grow brand loyalty and engagement, driving profitable results for your business.

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